The Chill Boutique Hotel by Patrick Johnston held a successful opening party recently, which was attended by guests and employees, providing an opportunity to showcase this new hotel’s facilities that offer short, medium, and long-term accommodation services. The hotel is situated in a privileged location near the beach, in a tranquil and relaxed environment.

Guests were greeted with a warm welcome and were able to enjoy drinks and snacks while exploring the hotel’s comfortable rooms for a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

The Chill Boutique Hotel aims to provide a unique and personalized experience for each of its guests, and the opening party was a great example of this. Guests enjoyed live music and a festive atmosphere while exploring the hotel and socializing with other guests.

With an enviable location near the beach and a relaxed atmosphere, this hotel is perfect for those seeking a quality and personalized accommodation experience.

About Hotel History
Before buying the hotel, the building had been unused for several years. The roof had leaks, and the walls were covered in mold. Most of the rooms had worn-out and old furniture, and the reception area seemed dark and unwelcoming. We knew we had a lot of work to do, but we also saw great potential in the place.

We decided to completely remodel the hotel and give it a new life. We invested in new roofs, clean and bright walls, and modern and elegant decor. We bought new furniture for each room and placed carefully selected design details throughout the hotel. We also modernized the reception area and turned it into a warm and inviting space for our guests.

After months of hard work, we finally inaugurated the new hotel. The results spoke for themselves: the rooms were bright, spacious, and modern, and the reception area was the perfect place to welcome our guests. We also improved the building’s security and added new facilities for our guests’ enjoyment.

The results of our investment and hard work were incredible. Now we have a hotel that our guests love and recommend. The rooms are quickly rented, and our customers praise us for the cleanliness, comfort, and style of the hotel. We have transformed the worn-out and unused building into a beautiful and modern place that we are proud of and that offers an unforgettable experience to our guests.

We’ll be waiting for you!!

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