According to the Ministry of Tourism, in the first eight months of this year, 1,535,213 cruise ship passengers visited the Dominican Republic through its various tourist ports.

Just this past August, there were 114,797 unique cruise ship passengers, 3,061 via ferry, on 38 ships, 14 ferries, 14 boat-type vessels, 38,212 crew members, and 41 operations recorded.

Puerto Plata received 102,096 cruise ship passengers, with 70,793 through Amber Cove port and 31,303 through Taíno Bay. La Romana received 14,045 cruise ship passengers, and Santo Domingo received 3,061.

We are delighted with these statistics, which are yet another indication that DR continues to grow in terms of tourism, being a popular destination among tourists and foreign investors because over the past 2 decades, the Dominican Republic has opened its borders to international business as part of its strategy for economic growth offering for example, tax incentives where the Dominican State recognizes that a foreign investment and technology transfer contributes to domestic economic growth and social development.

All of the above has been reflected in the current legal framework as well as in the international agreements that have recently been signed offering numerous opportunities for foreign investors and international businesses looking for new opportunities.

We believe the domestic business environment in dynamic and ever evolving for the better and the impressive numbers of cruise ship passengers we have received in 2023 are a testament to the beauty and allure of our shores.

May tourism in our beautiful DR continue to thrive!


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