Katmandu Park will be the first world-class theme park in the Caribbean, built to welcome up to 4000 guests per day, and will offer visitors a range of rides, restaurants, and spectacular performances.

Situated just 10 miles from Punta Cana International Airport, the theme park’s strategic location close to Punta Cana’s Avenida Alemania and nearby resorts means tourists will enjoy easy access to park grounds world-class rides and entertainment for guests accommodating in complex and hotels nearby the area.

Focused on visitors and locals who are looking for a world-class entertainment experience. For guests staying at Punta Cana’s hotels, as well as locals, it’ll be a one of a kind experience”. 

The Park offers visitors high-quality restaurants across the park unique local flavors. They can also satisfy their cravings at the location’s various street food posts, coffee shops, and specialty stores focusing on local and international brands.

The park’s executives revealed that the price of a full-day ticket would be $120 U.S dollars for adults, and $85 U.S dollars for children.

Set to open later this year, the theme park will significantly help strengthen Punta Cana’s tourism appeal, it is the top destination in the Dominican Republic and best known for its stunning beaches and variety of all-inclusive hotels. With the launching of the new theme park, Punta Cana hopes to attract theme park fans from around the world.

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About the Falcon’s Beyond Global

The company already owns several similar parks across the globe and wants to export the model to Punta Cana.

At a cost of $120 million dollars, the park is a major investment for Meliá Hotels International as well as Falcon’s Beyond Global, the two major partners in the project. Covering a space of over 180,000 square feet, the park can be enjoyed around the clock, day and night.

The park draws on the latest amusement park technology from Falcon’s X-Lab in Orlando, Florida, which is also home to some of the world’s leading adventure parks. One such experience is the ON!X interactive theatre ride, which immerses visitors in a dynamic and real-time 5D experience. Riders will wear special suits equipped with haptic feedback that allow them to interact with the surrounding elements. Wind, light, smell, and audiovisual stimuli create an intense and fun experience.

According to Simon Hirst, Falcon’s Beyond Global Director for Parks, Operations, and Expansion, Katmandu Park “fills up an important void in the market, being the only theme park of this type in the Caribbean.

Source: Dominican Republic Sun

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