Samaná.- The tourist destination of Samaná, one of the most important in the country, is also added to the list of Dominican poles to be added to the direct routes served by Russian airlines after the unrestricted reactivation of air flow between Russia and the Dominican Republic.

With the departure of Nordwind Airlines flight N4-513, in which 440 passengers traveled, all Dominican destinations that received flights in the pre-pandemic period are recovered.

Samaná is the fifth of the Dominican destinations connected nonstop by direct flights originating in the Russian Federation and it is expected that in the coming weeks flights will be activated from the main capitals of the Russian regions to the main tourist poles of the country.

Ambassador Dannenberg Castellanos, expressed that the inclusion of the aforementioned routes opens up new opportunities for the expansion of our exports and the full recovery of our tourism.

The team from the Dominican Embassy in Russia was present at the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, saying goodbye, thanking and delivering Dominican flags to the passengers who had chosen Santa Barbara de SAMANÁ, as their rest destination is this vacation.

Source: Roberto Cavada