Streamline Integrated Energy Corp and SENER Ingeniería y Sistema (SAS) will form an alliance to process and convert the sargassum that invades the Dominican coasts into energy.

Both companies will present the energy solution based on a mixture of sargassum and solid waste, which will be processed at the Solid Urban Waste (RSU) energy recovery plant in San Pedro de Macorís.

The companies reported that, when processed with solid waste, 30% of the weight of the sargassum will be converted into energy, equivalent to 36,000 in thermal design power, “guaranteeing a circular solution to the country’s climate change, environmental, and economic problems.”

“This massive invasion of algae, which threatens tourism activity on the Dominican coasts, can be converted into energy on the same coast that is most affected, with the San Pedro de Macorís plant,” they specified.

They indicated that the plant is already designed and has the capacity in its boiler to process the seaweed mixed with solid urban waste.

Sargassum: From Challenge to Opportunity

Sargassum, a brown seaweed that has been affecting the coasts of the Caribbean, has sparked a positive wave of innovation and opportunity in the region where communities and businesses have joined forces to find innovative ways of harnessing the potential of this abundant seaweed.

The tourism industry, a vital pillar of the Caribbean economy, has faced significant challenges due to the sargassum invasion. However, it has responded by organizing beach clean-up initiatives and demonstrating its commitment to environmental stewardship.

The collective response to the sargassum invasion in the Caribbean exemplifies resilience and adaptability. It serves as a testament to the region’s ability to transform adversity into opportunity, fostering a brighter and more sustainable future for both the environment and local communities.


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